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Being sent to the Principal's Office

I'm pretty sure it was twice during the first few weeks of school (yes, first grade!) that I was invited to make a personal visit to the Principal.

I remember the long, shiny wooden bench in the hall where I waited. It was well polished and easy to slide around on. I suspect they made us wait on the bench in order to build the anticipation of discovering our punishment. Somehow since I didn't really understand what I had done wrong, I wasn't worried and entertained myself by inspecting the portraits of the American presidents that were hung along the corridor.

Jimmy Carter is from Georgia and there was a lot of excitement when he took office. He was young and energetic. He was an advocate for people of colour and women. He set up the Department of Education. He expanded the National Parks, and in a fit of forward thinking, he had solar panels installed on the White House roof.

Apart from Carter, the other portraits were just old white fellows, so in the illustration, I included someone who proved to be more influential in my life.

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