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Playing Dress Up

My great aunt was an incredibly beautiful and fashionable woman. She was a pure Southern lady - her hospitality, her sweet tea, her ability to apply lipstick without the crutch of a mirror, and her light, lilting twang.

Perhaps because her mother was a dressmaker, my aunt had an above average knowledge of and appreciation for fashion. The heyday of her youth must have been the mid 1950s to 1960s, because the best gossamer gowns, dainty dresses, and flawless frocks found in her closet seemed to date from that era. What amazing parties she must have attended!

Now- what else is a little girl to do when she finds capsule of costumes from times gone by? Put them on! Have a fashion show. And probably search for the matching bags, belts and shoes - which were ALWAYS to be found amongst the treasure.

Since a majority of the clothing was from the 1950s and 1960s, there were also hats and gloves. SO. Many. Hats. I can't help but envision Jackie Kennedy and her pill box toppers. And there was a pair of gloves for every occasion. Even the boxes they came in were glamorous - with tissue paper lining and ribbon wrappers.

I'll never be as refined or glamorous as my gorgeous aunt - but I'm glad I had the chance, once upon a time - a long time ago, to pretend I was.

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